NJ Native, Ashley Platz @AshleyPlatz talks about her love for acting and storytelling. I saw Ashley’s short film, “Fight Like A Mother,” where she plays a Boxer and Single Mother, at the 2023 Garden State Film Festival, and was blown away by her intense, yet grounded performance. Hear how a leaked audition to play “Bat Woman” led to new acting opportunities, ultimately landing her the role of  Hailey Brewer on “Yellowstone.” Ashley Platz is the real deal. 

00:00-04:19-Growing up in NJ and breaking into acting. Studying theater at Pace University. A short film screening at the Palm Springs International Film Festival brings her to LA.   

04:20-06:53-Learning to how to watch yourself onscreen. Transitioning from Theater acting to Film Acting. Learning how to incorporate her personality into her acting, while still being grounded. 

06:54-09:00-Ashley’s first big break in LA is in “Criminal Minds, Beyond Borders” directed by David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch.  

09:01-12:38-Breaking into new “levels” as an actor is challenging. Creating her own acting opportunities with independent films.

12:39- 17:48- Ashley’s audition for the CW’s “Bat Woman” leaked and went viral put her in a spotlight and brought more auditions, ultimately leading to an audition and booking on “Yellowstone.” Living in Montana for two weeks filming the show was amazing.

17:49- 23:53-An acting career can take many years to take hold, but if you put the work in, grow and develop your craft, opportunities do arise. But it takes a whole lot of work and there is not single path for everyone.  

23:54—31:43-Screening her short film, “Fight Like A Mother” at the 2023 Garden State Film Festival, and preparing for a such a physically and emotionally demanding role as a Single Mother and Boxer. Experiencing the film with an engaged audience.   

31:44-33:38-Upcoming projects including roles on “The Morning Show,” and a new short film. 

33:39- 36:04-Missing New Jersey. Especially the Food!

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Katra Film Series Founder, Coney Island’s own, my good friend, Mr. Geoffrey Guerrero speaks about running major NYC Film Festivals and the beautiful craft of filmmaking. LINK IN BIO. 




00:00-03:20-Geoffrey Guerrero’s career, starts in Reality TV, making his own short films, starting the Katra Film Series.  

03:21- 05:49-Screening at Katra is a real  New York experience. Geoffrey still loves my comedic short films, “Flat Brim” and “Feast at the Beach.”   

05:50-06:50-12th year of Katra kicking off in April 2023 at Regal Essex NYC. Amazing films from all over the world.  

06:51- 09:34-What do festival directors look for in submitted films? Simple, unique, original story. Don’t need a big budget to tell a powerful story.  

09:35-12:10-Creative influences who reflect the real world in a unique way.

12:11- 14:30- New model of film distribution

14:31- 17:00-KATRA Film Series is the real deal and is newly showcasing long form content. 

17:10-17:35- Build a following with long form content. 

17:36-20:00-New films and series. 

20:01-22:50-What’s next for Katra and other fests. Each Fest has its own Brand.  

22:51- 23:51-Audiences at Katra Rock! 

23:52-25:05-Running film festivals inspires creativity.

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Entrepreneur Phil Smith speaks starting a successful business. 


00:00-03:10-Phil’s long history with entrepreneurship. Getting into Social Media back in 2006. Always bringing in leads for clients.

03:11-05:35-Best practices for Lead Generation for clients.

05:36-10:16-Corporate Video Production Company Case Study.  Getting yourself out there with Networking. Getting on TV to build a presence online.  Showcasing behind the scenes of your business on socials to build trust and develop content. 

10:17-14:20- Current business trends. Always focus on leads. 

14:21-18:20-Advice to people who want to start a business. Always think of the end goal. 

18:21-22:26-Solid businesses to start. Monthly recurring revenue with software as a service. 

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How To Stand Out Online With Storytelling

SEO expert Damon Burton speaks about best practices for Search Engine Optimization, how storytelling is key to building trust with your audience, and while algorithms may change a consistent strategy will yield long term results. #SEO#Branding#Storytelling

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Twitter @TomBentey

00:0003:16-Knowing what people are searching for and sharing related stories to build an online presence.

03:1705:02– Showing your human side to the audience. And how often should a business post online to stay relevant? Quality over Quantity and the differences between posting on social and posting on your website.

05:0307:35-Is paying for online ads worth it? The pros/cons of paid and organic content.

07:3611:53-SEO for Personal Branding. Posting consistently and relating to you as as a human to build trust.

11:5414:09-Has SEO changed since 2008? The three areas: Website Structure, Content, External Credibility, have remained consistent.

14:1019:43-Understanding what the audience is searching for to create related storytelling content for the Utah Jazz and other clients. Always stick to the fundamentals of SEO. Start and keep at it to learn and grow.





Real Estate Investor CJ Calio speaks about his amazing transition from UPS Driver to full time investor and best practices for financial freedom.

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How to Achieve & Maintain Optimal Brain Health With Proper Spinal Alignment


Dr. Ernest Pecoraro, DC speaks about the new revolutionary EPIC Technique to treat back pain, and how aligning the top of your spine can eliminate all back pain, increase brain function and promote optimal physical and mental health.

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New Jersey’s own, Filmmaker/Actor…Surfer…Kelsey O’Brien @kelseyobrienkelcproductions talks about her wonderful career, making her independent film, “Love Magick,” and self distributing the film on Amazon Prime, to keep artistic integrity. Kelsey is a great friend and inspiring artist. I really enjoyed this convo.


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00:00- 04:25- Starting as an actor to become a filmmaker.

04:26- 08:10- Creative influences

08:11-11:45- Being an open and honest artist

11:46-23:07 Making the independent film “Love Magick” and winning awards at film festivals

23:08—35:33-Bringing the film to AFM and attempting to sell the film

35:34- 40:22-Self distribution on Amazon Prime to keep artistic integrity and promoting with social media — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Filmmaker Interview- Tom Bentey- Director of “The Great Connector” Highlighting the Lawrence Hopewell Trail for the Garden State Film Festival


Great interview with @sophialucia____ of the Garden State Film Festival @gardenstatefilmfestival about my new short documentary, “The Great Connector” highlighting The Lawrence Hopewell Trail @lhtrail. Looking forward to screening this film on Sunday, 03/26/2023, 12 noon, at The Asbury Hotel @theasburyhotel #gsff #gardenstatefilmfestival #LHT #lawrencehopewelltrail #filmmaker #documentary #doc #NewJersey #Nature #WildLife #NatureFilm #NewJerseyFilm #NewJerseyFilmmaker #TomBenteyMedia #TBM



Host of the “Clip Out” Podcast, and fitness/nutrition coach, Crystal O’Keefe @clipoutcrystal talks about her fitness journey at age 41, how Peloton changed all aspects of her life and enabled her to leave corporate America, her approach to fitness and nutrition, and finding inspiration and motivation in your workouts and your life.

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00:00-03:38- Starting a fitness journey with Peloton at 41 years old. Finally finding a workout routing that worked.

03:39-04:50-Why P90X and other Fitness programs did not work for Crystal. Need change in your fitness routines. Not understanding the importance of Nutrition in fitness.

04:51-07:23-Positive Life Change with Peloton and being apart of a fitness community and starting a Peloton podcast.

07:24-10:50-Needing passion in life and exercise to keep you coming back. And incorporating nutrition for complete fitness results.

10:51-13:20-How intermittent fasting works for my lifestyle, but it is not for everyone.

13:21-15:12-How calisthenics increased my muscle mass and consistency is key. However, some people thrive on exercise variety.

15:13- 22:36-How fitness related to other aspects of Crystal’s life. Leaving corporate America for the Peloton podcast. Being inspired by the Peloton community to work harder and do better.

22:37-24:50-Crystal’s approach to working with fitness clients all over the country and world.

24:51-26:54 Common challenges with fitness clients including not eating enough and staying consistent.

26:55-27:50 Crystal’s morning workout and why she must start the day with exercise.

27:51-30:01 Community fitness events in St. Louis and around the U.S.

30:01-34:55-Eating “well rounded” carbs and a well rounded diet are important to fitness for exercise and sustainability.

34:56- 37:27- You can take control over your life at any age with a fitness. And finding inspiration and enjoying a new healthy lifestyle. —



Wylie McGraw @ wisdombywylie

Wylie McGraw is a former Star Pitcher, Competitive Bull Rider, and 3-Tour Combat Veteran. It was through those intense experiences that he discovered his crazy superpower of being able to expose blind spots, erupt and eradicate stress, and fully unleash the untapped potential of high achievers.  He’s the founder of Radical Performance Acceleration, and for well over a decade now he’s been behind the scenes doing life-altering work with powerful CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Public Figures, accelerating their performance both personally and professionally.

His work is the proverbial “Navy SEAL Training” equivalent to high-performance and leadership development – pushing even the elite beyond their limits so they not only hit their peak but sustain it. He’s been named a “secret weapon” by some of the most influential leaders across industries from Wall St., Hollywood, Professional Sports, Fortune 500 companies, Personal Development, and everything in between. His work is about giving an elite edge to high-achieving individuals while ending their cycle of stress, sacrifice, and suffering that’s unfortunately associated when reaching their levels of accomplishment and success.  When Wylie’s not traveling the country to meet his clients, this family man enjoys skydiving, mountain top sunsets, and sipping on an occasional 18-year-old single malt scotch while pondering the philosophies of life, the cosmos, and beyond.

We Discuss:

  • Why High-Achievement Is Not Enough & How to Accelerate Your Trajectory for High-Performance
  • Getting Helped vs. Being Optimized:  Why Most People Waste Their Lives Chasing Peak Performance Instead of Mastering It
  • How to Unleash Your Peak Performance True Potential
  • How to Yield to Fear In Moments of Real Change
  • If It Doesn’t Shock You, It Won’t Change You: Why Discernment & Focus Are Two of the Weakest Human Skills & How to Improve Them
  • The Ugly Truths Leaders Keep Locked Up

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