Acting as a Second Career with Gemma McIlhenny


Pursuing Acting as a second career with Gemma Mcllhenny.

In TBM Podcast # 7, I talk with talented working actor Gemma Mcllhenny. She speaks about taking acting classes with her mother as child, then embarking on a career in Philadelphia law enforcement with her FBI Agent grandfather as her guide, the process of returning to acting as an adult after over 16 years on the force, her approach to acting and auditioning, memorable roles including working as Phylicia Rashad’s stand in on CREED, growing up with West Philly’s own Will Smith, hopes for the future, and so much more.

I met Gemma through established actor James Ciccone and she plays the role of “Ovella” in my new series, “The American Benefactor” which is currently making the film festival rounds. I’m also pitching the series to various production companies and distribution networks.

You can view the first episode here:

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