Consistency Is Key with PR Expert, Motivational Speaker: Jeremy Slate


Motivational speaker and Public Relations pro, Jeremy Slate @JeremyRyanSlate  speaks with the Tom Bentey Media podcast about the consistent habits that can lead to success in any field and in your life.

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A New Jersey native, Jeremy launched his podcast “Create Your Own Life” in  2015, and received over 10,000 listens in its first month only. Jeremy breaks down how he achieved podcast success, his new book, “Unremarkable to Extraordinary: Ignite Your Passion to Go From Passive Observer to Creator of Your Own Life” why we loves NJ, great pizza in NJ, how to achieve your goals, how to incorporate education in your marketing strategies, success with fitness and nutrition, the importance of “family” time and so much more. Great talk for anyone looking to bring productivity and fulfillment to their daily routines.


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