The Love and Passion Of Independent Filmmaking with Producing Partner, Dr. Elle. E. Wallace.


The Love and Passion Of Independent Filmmaking.

My producing partner, Dr. Elle E. Wallace break down how we both got involved with the autobiography, “A Whisper From Within” and our process of turning it into a feature film. Having experience with many aspects of production, Elle also speaks about her new short film dealing with same-sex relationship domestic violence, her time as a casting director on the film, “Marley and Me,” and her approach to working with actors.



00:00- 01:22- Intro- Dr. of Divinity, Elle E. Wallace. Making a true to life feature film.

01:23-02:54-Theresa Gattuso O’Connor reaches out to Elle to tell her life story. The importance and impact of telling the story of a disabled person.

02:55- 05:22-Theresa reached out to me as well, after seeing my film, “At the Jersey Shore,” and wanted me to tell her story, “A Whisper From Within” into a film. Blown away by Theresa’s perseverance and determination despite so many challenges.

05:23-07:33 Theresa does leg lifts in an effort to go back to her childhood and Theresa’s belief in her purpose.

07:34-09:58 -Turning the autobiography into a screenplay. And striving to turn it into a feature film. Different ways of producing the films. Independent Vs. Studio. Pros/Cons of each.

09:59- 14:39-Materials needed for Pitching to investors; script, pitch and pitch video. Our reference film for this project is “Blue Miracle.” Trying to find independent investors. Film is not as risky as an investment as people make it out to be. Investors need to relate to and have emotional connection to project and believe in you.

14:40- 16:26-Now we have the money, now what? Finding actors for your project and getting letters of intent. Need money to get actors/need actors to get funds. It’s all about who you know.

16:27- 17:35- Networking and Film Festivals.

17:36-23:31- Elle’s current projects. Her own true story about domestic violence between two women. Emotional abuse can cause brain damage and why this story needs to be heard. Having a connection within yourself is so important for your mental health. Elle is writer, producer and actor in the project, which is currently in pre-development.

23:32-24:39-Picking projects that you have a passion for. Being “called” to be a part of a project.

23:40-29:15- Elle’s experience as a casting director and as an actor. Understanding both sides of the production and creative process. Elle’s would give prepared actors a real opportunity to showcase the role because she has compassion for actors. Different skill set from acting and auditioning. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.


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