Ep. # 3, Roman Molino Dunn a.k.a. Electropoint of MirrorTone Studios


Ep. # 3 Roman Molino Dunn, a.k.a Electropoint of MirrorTone Studios

Instagram: @electropointmusic

2ns instagram: @romanmolinodunn

Personal: http://www.romanmolinodun.com

Studio: http://www.mirrortone.com

I strive to learn from the industry professionals that I work with. Film Composer and Sound Mix/Designer Roman Molino Dunn of Mirror Tone Studios is one of the best. Not only super talented, but such a great collaborator, Roman has scored many films, (including my own)television shows and commercials. His latest effort Huracán is currently streaming on HBO max.

Roman breaks down his background, breaking into the music industry, his creative process, current projects, work ethic, advice for aspiring film composers, producing pop hits for reality stars, influences and much more.

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Tom Bentey Media Podcast (Trailer)




My former student, IBN WALLACE speaks about his new book of poetry, “Heat of a Thousand Suns,” that he wrote for his upcoming marriage. An inspirational, motivated young man, IBN breaks down his creative process, publishing independently on Amazon and staying grounded and measured in a hectic world.

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Here’s link to his book. It’s a great read.

0:00-1:20- Intro: IBN Wallace is a former student of mine at Montclair State University. Go RED HAWKS!

1:25-12:25: How a trip to Disney World and the Pandora Avatar exhibit led him to create a special gift for his upcoming marriage. And the process of getting his book on Amazon.

12:30- 23:53- The meaning behind of some his poems and his goals for the book.

24:00-30:22 The writing process, how he goes about it and his inspirations. It’s the hardest part!

30:30-39:00 Being an artist is a lifestyle and it takes dedication.

39:00-41:36- How IBN stays so grounded and measured.

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EP. # 1 SEAN JUAN, Business Nucleus


Sean Juan:

Digital Marketer, Sean Juan of Business Nucleus explains his upcoming move from New Jersey to North Carolina. Great convo for anyone thinking of moving and the best practices to do so effectively.


Here’s the breakdown:

0:00-1:58- Intro, Meeting Sean mountain biking.

2:00-7:12- Why Sean decided to move to North Carolina.

7:15-8:00- New Jersey sucks in the winter!

8:05-11:23- How to assimilate in a new area.

11:35-13:00  How the pandemic is enticing many to move and reconnect with the outdoors.

13:05-16:30 How to network and build a business in a new area.

16:35-20:00  Tips on digital marketing for local businesses

20:05-27:25 How to work from home productively.

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