Ep. # 5 Thomas Edison Series: “Growing Up and Moving On”


Ep. 5: “Growing Up and Moving On” with Kathleen Carlucci, Director Edison Memorial Tower

Thomas Alva Edison Series:

“Growing Up and Moving On”

In Episode # 5, we speak with Kathy Carlucci-Director, Edison Memorial Tower about:

-Edison as a family man

-Edison’s time in Newark and what led him to move to Menlo Park, New Jersey.

-His time in England and what he learned from that very important trip.

-Edison’s approach to his work

-How Edison changed the world with his new lighting system.

-Working with JP Morgan

-How a chance encounter as a boy changed his life forever

-His first invention

-Edison’s move to the East Coast

-Edison creation of industries

-Henry Ford admiration for Edison

-Edison travels the country to light America

-Edison creates the Battery

-Edison as an international celebrity

-What became of Menlo Park after Edison leaves

-Henry Ford bringing some of Edison’s lab to Michigan

-How’s Edison light really changed the world

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