How to make a successful independent film about the mob. Ep. # 13 Writer/Director/Host Craig Syracusa


How to make a successful independent film about the mob, and guidance in the often hectic world of filmmaking/media.

@TomBenteyMedia sits down with Craig Syracusa @Craig_Syracusa the writer/director of the independent film, “Omertà: The Act of Silence,” currently on Amazon Prime and many other platforms. Craig is also the host of the “Walk in Faith” Podcast.

We recorded this episode at Shared Universe Podcast Studio @shareduniverse at Bellworks in Holmdel, New Jersey. @Bellworks

Craig and I discuss:

-His upbringing in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and the motivation and inspiration for this film

-The challenges that come with making a film on a very low budget

-How he stays motivated and his mind set on success

-How we changed in our thirties and what we value now

-Working on “Good Morning America” and “Entertainment Tonight”

-His new life in Holmdel, New Jersey

And much more.

Great insights on how to be productive as a solo entrepreneur in media.

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