EP. # 1 SEAN JUAN, Business Nucleus


Sean Juan:

Digital Marketer, Sean Juan of Business Nucleus explains his upcoming move from New Jersey to North Carolina. Great convo for anyone thinking of moving and the best practices to do so effectively.


Here’s the breakdown:

0:00-1:58- Intro, Meeting Sean mountain biking.

2:00-7:12- Why Sean decided to move to North Carolina.

7:15-8:00- New Jersey sucks in the winter!

8:05-11:23- How to assimilate in a new area.

11:35-13:00  How the pandemic is enticing many to move and reconnect with the outdoors.

13:05-16:30 How to network and build a business in a new area.

16:35-20:00  Tips on digital marketing for local businesses

20:05-27:25 How to work from home productively.

This episode is sponsored by

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