My former student, IBN WALLACE speaks about his new book of poetry, “Heat of a Thousand Suns,” that he wrote for his upcoming marriage. An inspirational, motivated young man, IBN breaks down his creative process, publishing independently on Amazon and staying grounded and measured in a hectic world.

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Here’s link to his book. It’s a great read.

0:00-1:20- Intro: IBN Wallace is a former student of mine at Montclair State University. Go RED HAWKS!

1:25-12:25: How a trip to Disney World and the Pandora Avatar exhibit led him to create a special gift for his upcoming marriage. And the process of getting his book on Amazon.

12:30- 23:53- The meaning behind of some his poems and his goals for the book.

24:00-30:22 The writing process, how he goes about it and his inspirations. It’s the hardest part!

30:30-39:00 Being an artist is a lifestyle and it takes dedication.

39:00-41:36- How IBN stays so grounded and measured.

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