Telling Your Story In The Digital Age With CEO of Starlight Runner and Transmedia Guru, Jeff Gomez.


Jeff Gomez, Founder of Starlight Runner Entertainment and Leader in all things Transmedia taught me at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema during the Fall 2016 Semester. Prof. Gomez and I discuss:   

00:00- 06:29-The Future of Netflix and its new approach going forward   

06:30-08:40-The New Creative Control at Netflix  

 08:41- 17:00-How to bring an existing IP, “Ultra Man” to today’s audiences   

17:01-19:51-Why stories and themes are important in Brand and Narrative Stories   

19:52-28:10-The new Collective Journey in Transmedia Storytelling   

28:11-30:43-The compelling Transmedia Narrative elements in “Game Of Thrones”   

30:44-35:23-Why story worlds need personal “flaws”   

35:24- 36:12- The Joy of Teaching   

36:13-41:40- Advice for up and coming storytellers   


Jeff Gomez is one of the world’s leading experts in story and narrative design. He works with C-suite executives, creative visionaries, and global leaders to maximize the effectiveness of brand narratives, develop vast fictional story worlds, and design highly successful transmedia franchises. Jeff has teamed with top creators on such properties as Avatar, Halo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and Spider-Man. He has also developed and co-produced hit video games (Turok N64) and animated series (Hot Wheels: World Race), global advertising campaigns (Coca-Cola Happiness Factory), and consulted on interactive immersive experiences (Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge). Jeff is currently the Producer of Ultraman Connection, the international expansion of the Ultraman entertainment property and is working with Iceberg Theory, along with partners like Marvel Comics and Netflix, to turn this evergreen Japanese brand into a worldwide blockbuster franchise.   

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