Positive Workflow For Productivity


Positive Workflow For Productivity

Serial Entrepreneur and Authentic Self Development Author Trevor G. Blake discuses how he develops companies, his screenwriting career and writing Hollywood Blockbuster films, upcoming film projects, his Cancer drug company, how his Mother’s Cancer battle as a youth transformed his life, best practices for productivity and how positivity can change your life.

Trevor G Blake is a physicist by background who grew up extremely poor and bullied. Eventually, he tapped into the workings of energy, consciousness, and transformation — in particular, the science behind it all — and began creating through intentionality. Over the last ten years, Trevor has created and successfully exited three separate companies for over $600 million and never hired a single employee. Now, he’s helping people tap into their practical magic and become real-world wizards.


Episode Breakdown.

00:00-01:10-Building seven (7) successful companies.

01:11-01:28-Getting into the authentic self help space.

01:29-03:00-Currently living in Newport Beach, CA. and dreams of being a surfer. Watching bodysurfers at “The Wedge.”

03:01- 05:19-Business model for success with all companies.

05:20-06:48-All different types of companies.

06:49-07:45-Look into the details with Cancer Drug headlines

07:46-09:08-Company that works with Terminal Cancer Patients with no side effects.

09:09—12:10-Career as a screenwriter, writing Blockbuster movies, starting a Film Production Company.

12:11-14:08-Optioning films can hurt screenwriters.

14:09-15:45-His new movie about his Mother’s Cancer battle.

15:46-17:42-What Mother’s Cancer Struggle taught him about life and turning that into a film.

17:41-21:57-Best practices for taking your company to the next level using your own thoughts and finding problems to fix, to bring real positivity into your life.

21:58-26:03-The Five Hour Work Day and how to proactively schedule/organize your day.

26:04-27:50-Trevor’s Books/Courses that continue to transform lives.

27:51-30:39-Success Stories

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