How To Stand Out Online With Storytelling

SEO expert Damon Burton speaks about best practices for Search Engine Optimization, how storytelling is key to building trust with your audience, and while algorithms may change a consistent strategy will yield long term results. #SEO#Branding#Storytelling

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00:0003:16-Knowing what people are searching for and sharing related stories to build an online presence.

03:1705:02– Showing your human side to the audience. And how often should a business post online to stay relevant? Quality over Quantity and the differences between posting on social and posting on your website.

05:0307:35-Is paying for online ads worth it? The pros/cons of paid and organic content.

07:3611:53-SEO for Personal Branding. Posting consistently and relating to you as as a human to build trust.

11:5414:09-Has SEO changed since 2008? The three areas: Website Structure, Content, External Credibility, have remained consistent.

14:1019:43-Understanding what the audience is searching for to create related storytelling content for the Utah Jazz and other clients. Always stick to the fundamentals of SEO. Start and keep at it to learn and grow.



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