Entrepreneur Phil Smith speaks starting a successful business. 


00:00-03:10-Phil’s long history with entrepreneurship. Getting into Social Media back in 2006. Always bringing in leads for clients.

03:11-05:35-Best practices for Lead Generation for clients.

05:36-10:16-Corporate Video Production Company Case Study.  Getting yourself out there with Networking. Getting on TV to build a presence online.  Showcasing behind the scenes of your business on socials to build trust and develop content. 

10:17-14:20- Current business trends. Always focus on leads. 

14:21-18:20-Advice to people who want to start a business. Always think of the end goal. 

18:21-22:26-Solid businesses to start. Monthly recurring revenue with software as a service. 

#entrepreneur #business #marketing #LeadGeneration #Networking #DigitalMarketing 

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