Katra Film Series Founder, Coney Island’s own, my good friend, Mr. Geoffrey Guerrero speaks about running major NYC Film Festivals and the beautiful craft of filmmaking. LINK IN BIO. 




00:00-03:20-Geoffrey Guerrero’s career, starts in Reality TV, making his own short films, starting the Katra Film Series.  

03:21- 05:49-Screening at Katra is a real  New York experience. Geoffrey still loves my comedic short films, “Flat Brim” and “Feast at the Beach.”   

05:50-06:50-12th year of Katra kicking off in April 2023 at Regal Essex NYC. Amazing films from all over the world.  

06:51- 09:34-What do festival directors look for in submitted films? Simple, unique, original story. Don’t need a big budget to tell a powerful story.  

09:35-12:10-Creative influences who reflect the real world in a unique way.

12:11- 14:30- New model of film distribution

14:31- 17:00-KATRA Film Series is the real deal and is newly showcasing long form content. 

17:10-17:35- Build a following with long form content. 

17:36-20:00-New films and series. 

20:01-22:50-What’s next for Katra and other fests. Each Fest has its own Brand.  

22:51- 23:51-Audiences at Katra Rock! 

23:52-25:05-Running film festivals inspires creativity.

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#Filmmaker #Director #Producer #Actor 

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