NJ Native, Ashley Platz @AshleyPlatz talks about her love for acting and storytelling. I saw Ashley’s short film, “Fight Like A Mother,” where she plays a Boxer and Single Mother, at the 2023 Garden State Film Festival, and was blown away by her intense, yet grounded performance. Hear how a leaked audition to play “Bat Woman” led to new acting opportunities, ultimately landing her the role of  Hailey Brewer on “Yellowstone.” Ashley Platz is the real deal. 

00:00-04:19-Growing up in NJ and breaking into acting. Studying theater at Pace University. A short film screening at the Palm Springs International Film Festival brings her to LA.   

04:20-06:53-Learning to how to watch yourself onscreen. Transitioning from Theater acting to Film Acting. Learning how to incorporate her personality into her acting, while still being grounded. 

06:54-09:00-Ashley’s first big break in LA is in “Criminal Minds, Beyond Borders” directed by David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch.  

09:01-12:38-Breaking into new “levels” as an actor is challenging. Creating her own acting opportunities with independent films.

12:39- 17:48- Ashley’s audition for the CW’s “Bat Woman” leaked and went viral put her in a spotlight and brought more auditions, ultimately leading to an audition and booking on “Yellowstone.” Living in Montana for two weeks filming the show was amazing.

17:49- 23:53-An acting career can take many years to take hold, but if you put the work in, grow and develop your craft, opportunities do arise. But it takes a whole lot of work and there is not single path for everyone.  

23:54—31:43-Screening her short film, “Fight Like A Mother” at the 2023 Garden State Film Festival, and preparing for a such a physically and emotionally demanding role as a Single Mother and Boxer. Experiencing the film with an engaged audience.   

31:44-33:38-Upcoming projects including roles on “The Morning Show,” and a new short film. 

33:39- 36:04-Missing New Jersey. Especially the Food!

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