Overcoming Struggle, Hurt and Addiction


Joseph Kajy @JosephKajy

Joseph has overcome his struggle with drug addiction, after being a slave to it for 11 years. His addiction has led him to serve two separate Prison sentences and being at a place where Suicide seemed like the only option. After realizing his only way of living a life worth something, was to face his addiction head-on and work towards living a sober life. Today Joseph has 5+ years of sobriety. He is a husband, a father, and a business owner of Top Fence which currently generates 4+ Million dollars in sales. Joseph’s life mission now is to share his story and give hope & inspiration to anyone who feels like they have their own demons to fight and can’t find hope anywhere in their life.

What We Discuss:

  • Being Self-Aware & What Makes YOU Happy:  Your Self-Worth Can’t Be Found In What Others Think of You
  • Being a Leader:  Taking Your Past Experience to Lead the Future & Create Real Change
  • Finding Your Purpose:  Not Chasing What Is Right, But What Is Right For YOU!
  • Recovery:  How to Take Control of Your Life & Battle Your Inner Voices & Fears
  • From 37 Felonies & Prison to a 7-Figure Business Owner: Lessons Learned On How to Face Your Past & Be Who You Are Today
  • What You’ve Done In the Past Does Not Define Your Future


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