Summary Host of the “Clip Out” Podcast, and fitness/nutrition coach, Crystal O’Keefe @clipoutcrystal talks about her fitness journey at age 41, how Peloton changed all aspects of her life and enabled her to leave corporate America, her approach to fitness and nutrition, and finding inspiration and motivation in your workouts and your life. #Fitness #WellnessContinue reading “PELOTON LIFE CHANGING FITNESS JOURNEY”

Overcoming Struggle, Hurt and Addiction

Summary Joseph Kajy @JosephKajy Joseph has overcome his struggle with drug addiction, after being a slave to it for 11 years. His addiction has led him to serve two separate Prison sentences and being at a place where Suicide seemed like the only option. After realizing his only way of living a life worth something,Continue reading “Overcoming Struggle, Hurt and Addiction”