Host of the “Clip Out” Podcast, and fitness/nutrition coach, Crystal O’Keefe @clipoutcrystal talks about her fitness journey at age 41, how Peloton changed all aspects of her life and enabled her to leave corporate America, her approach to fitness and nutrition, and finding inspiration and motivation in your workouts and your life.

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00:00-03:38- Starting a fitness journey with Peloton at 41 years old. Finally finding a workout routing that worked.

03:39-04:50-Why P90X and other Fitness programs did not work for Crystal. Need change in your fitness routines. Not understanding the importance of Nutrition in fitness.

04:51-07:23-Positive Life Change with Peloton and being apart of a fitness community and starting a Peloton podcast.

07:24-10:50-Needing passion in life and exercise to keep you coming back. And incorporating nutrition for complete fitness results.

10:51-13:20-How intermittent fasting works for my lifestyle, but it is not for everyone.

13:21-15:12-How calisthenics increased my muscle mass and consistency is key. However, some people thrive on exercise variety.

15:13- 22:36-How fitness related to other aspects of Crystal’s life. Leaving corporate America for the Peloton podcast. Being inspired by the Peloton community to work harder and do better.

22:37-24:50-Crystal’s approach to working with fitness clients all over the country and world.

24:51-26:54 Common challenges with fitness clients including not eating enough and staying consistent.

26:55-27:50 Crystal’s morning workout and why she must start the day with exercise.

27:51-30:01 Community fitness events in St. Louis and around the U.S.

30:01-34:55-Eating “well rounded” carbs and a well rounded diet are important to fitness for exercise and sustainability.

34:56- 37:27- You can take control over your life at any age with a fitness. And finding inspiration and enjoying a new healthy lifestyle. —

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